Acres of Terror paranormal investigation with: Minn Dak Paranormal Society

Minn Dak Paranormal Society

"....We started our investigation, working the main areas with claims of activity. We did several EVP sessions throughout the building, including a large session with the owner. There did seem to be some strange occurrences during the investigation, but the real evidence came to light when we reviewed the footage...."

Acres of Terror in: The Grand Forks Herald

Acres of Terror in The Grand Forks Herald

"....In the pitch black, guests must feel their way through narrow paths as characters dressed in all black lurk from above with menacing looks and others pop out of the walls with Tasers in hand. "I'm going to murder you," they say, laughing maniacally....."

Acres of Terror in: The Concordian

Acres of Terror in The Concordian

"....Apart from being chased, the group was also was ushered through a haunted maze and schoolhouse. Though the group acknowledged that these locations were scary, Tirey said that being transported via bus to each new haunted location was more terrifying than either location...."

Acres of Terror in: The FM Spotlight

Acres of Terror in The FM Spotlight

"....Screams, thrills and frights await for those brave enough to face it in Leornard, N.D. Acres of Terror, which is in its ninth season, is open until Halloween from dusk until 1 a.m. This haunted farm and schoolhouse is the self-proclaimed, “scariest in the Midwest”...."

Acres of Terror in: The MSUM Advocate

Acres of Terror in The MSUM Advocate

"....The experience is divided into two parts. The first part is a winding trail through trees and cornfields with ax and chainsaw-wielding maniacs jumping out of the darkness every so often. Once the corn maze is conquered, a bus awaits to take brave souls to the schoolhouse...."